polly pocket

once upon a time I had a big collection of polly pockets in the 90s. unfortunately they got put into storage, and something happened to that storage unit ;_; I'm going to attempt to find decently priced vintage pieces when I can.

funko 70 polly pocket funko 97 polly pocket shell keepsake collection starlight castle compact candy cutie gumball compact
1992 bluebird jeweled forest 1992 bluebird blue star fashion fun 1993 mcdonald's totally toy holiday locket tiny takeaway pizza
tiny games astronaut tiny games mini golf mystery surprise egg carton: blue cityscape pollyville micro pink kitty
pollyville micro hedgehog pollyville micro ice cream pollyville micro panda pollyville micro pineapple
pollyville micro ufo pollyville micro unicorn sleepy pets compact: lamb

shopkins lil secrets

randomly saw these at a go! games! store. the designs are really cute and fairly detailed for how small they are.

secret bag tag tiny paws vet secret bag tag blossom sushi eatery secret bag tag burger bite diner

lego friends

mia's pug cube emma's fashion cube olivia's gaming cube

lol surprise

miniature collection: candylicious miniature collection: neonlicious


another random find! these were in the toy aisle at big lots. you can actually look into the little windows to see a scene inside of the house.

nanables small house lolli-pop stars dance studio nanables small house twinkle twinkle inn