the year is 1999. me, an 11 year old girl, is sitting with a friend of mine at lunch as she excitedly shows me a blue folder with a bunch of her recent drawings. she explains they're of her favorite character from a show she discovered - sailor moon. listening to her talk about this show, and the concept of magical girls, I knew I had to see it. unfortunately toonami aired sailor moon at 2 pm on weekdays, when I was walking out of my last class and heading for the bus lines. my mom very sweetly offered me some old VHS tapes so I could set my tv to record in the mornings before school. for fear I would miss something I made sure to set the time long enough that I always managed to catch the last half of ThunderCats and the first half of Reboot, for good measure. sailor moon was sandwiched between the two. years later I would discover the original Japanese version of the show, the manga, the live action in 2003, the musicals, and so much more.


I was lucky enough to get most of these dolls when Sailor Moon's NA dub was still airing on Toonami in the states. the fact that I could buy these in local toy stores still blows my mind!

Adventure Doll (Irwin Toy) Black Lady Deluxe Adventure Doll (Irwin Toy) King Endymion Deluxe Adventure Doll (Irwin Toy) Serena Adventure Doll (Irwin Toy) Sailor Plut
Adventure Doll (Irwin Toy) Queen Beryl


the saturn memory girls figure continues to elude me, and q posket will continue to take my damn money.

Bandai Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie - Glitter & Glamours - Eternal Sailor Moon Bandai Tamashii Nations Figuarts Zero Sailor Mercury SH Figuarts Sailor Mercury Animation Color Edition Banpresto Sailor Moon Girls Memory Sailor Mars
Banpresto Sailor Moon Girls Memory Sailor Moon Banpresto Sailor Moon Girls Memory Sailor Pluto Banpresto Sailor Moon Girls Memory Sailor Mercury Q Posket Princess Serenity
Q Posket Super Sailor Mercury Q Posket Eternal Sailor Moon - Chibi-Usa Q Posket Princess Mercury Q Posket Princess Saturn
Bandai Tamashii Nations Buddies Mercury Sailor Moon Action Figure Banpresto Sailor Moon Eternal Fluffy Puffy Luna (Ver.A) Figure Funko Pop! Animation Neo Queen Serenity, Small Lady, & King Endymion Funko Pop! Animation Sailor Moon #299 Sailor Saturn
Irwin 1998 Sailor Chibi-Moon Articulated Doll

petit chara

Megahouse Sailor Moon (Black Moon Version) Mini Figure Set Statue Glitter Sailor Mars Glitter Sailor Mercury Glitter Sailor Moon
Glitter Sailor Saturn Glitter Sailor Venus Makeup by Candy Sailor Mars Makeup by Candy Sailor Mercury
School Life Usagi School Life Chibi-Usa School Life Hotaru


1998 Irwin Artemis Great Eastern Luna Great Eastern Luna-P 2000 Irwin Sailor Moon Adventure


Bandai Sailor Moon World Summer Swimsuit Usagi Bandai Sailor Moon World Black Lady Charm Patisserie Sailor Moon Cookie Charms Heart Compact Charm Patisserie Sailor Moon Cookie Charms Luna and Artemis
Crystal Sweets Mascot Re-Ment Chocolate Moon Wand Crystal Sweets Mascot Re-Ment Luna Cupcake Bandai Shokugan Sailor Moon on Cosmic Heart Compact Bandai Shokugan Twinkle Dolly Luna
Bandai Shokugan Twinkle Dolly Sailor Mercury Bandai Shokugan Twinkle Dolly Sailor Moon Vol 2 Megahouse Chokorin Mascot Sailor Moon Vol 2 Megahouse Chokorin Mascot Sailor Neptune
Vol 2 Megahouse Chokorin Mascot Sailor Uranus Bag Clip Series 4 Sailor Mercury Transformation Wand Bag Clip Series 5 Makoto Bag Clip Series 6 Kooan
Great Eastern Sailor Mercury PVC Keychain


Bandai Tamashii Nations Cutie Moon Rod Toy Replica Sailor Locket Toy Compact Castle Playset Sailor Jupiter Castle Playset Sailor Mars
DIC Sailor Moon Quest of the Guardian Card Game DIC Sailor Moon Collectible Trading Card Game


DIC Blue Alarm Clock Sailor Jupiter tooth brush DIC Crayons DIC 1998 Scout Spiral
Moleskin Notebook Toei Animation 1995 Sailor Senshi Folder DIC Address Book Japanese Sailor Moon R Pencil Case
The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon CD-ROM 1996 Party Napkins